Where Do You See Yourself?

The individuals, families, and foundations we serve come from a variety of wealth circumstances. See how we serve our diverse clients through our custom “Your Conscious Portfolio” philosophy, best practices, and methodology .

Are Your Investments Living Up To Your Goals?

Conscious investing combines knowledge, strategy, discipline, and opportunism based on big data analysis. That’s why we’re asking new clients “What’s in your portfolio?”.  See a sample analysis and request your FREE custom impact portfolio report*.

Your Conscious Portfolio

We help you meet your goals and invest in what matters most to you. Accord Capital Management has access to transparent ratings and rankings of 18,424 companies from 132 countries, driven by 548 industry-leading CSR/ESG data sources. We’re able to provide a clear picture of your equity investments and how they align with your financial and impact goals, and values.

Create Wealth
While Doing Good

  • Green Economy
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Water
  • Equality/Diversity
  • Divest/Invest

We provide solutions to invest in the things that matter most to you. Our Green, Blue, and Black investment portfolios, as well as our custom, “Your Conscious Portfolio” themes and analysis capture how your investments align with your missions and values.