Finance is evolving to empower investors‘ ability to act responsibly, to act Consciously, in the promotion of our one common goal as human-beings: ensuring a vital healthy planet. Accord Capital Management is a steward of investors’ wealth, a mentor to their investment process, and an advocate for a healthy planet.

Mark George, President Accord Capital Management

Mark W. George

President / Founder
Accord Capital Management, Ltd
January 2006 – Present, Ketchum, ID

Act as Client Relationship Advocate. Our portfolios are constructed to complement and enhance our client’s priorities and lifestyle. I meet regularly with clients to review portfolio strategy, provide education, and to stay abreast of their particular needs.

Act as Portfolio Manager in the development and implementation of investment strategies for a broad range of investment objectives, both taxable and tax-deferred.

Senior Vice-President, Investments
AG Edwards, and Sons
February 1998 – December 2005 (8 years) Ketchum, ID

Lexington Capital Partners
June 1994 – January 1998 (4 years) New York, NY

100 Men Who Care: Member
Flourish Foundation: Previous Board of Directors
Trout Unlimited: Idaho State, Previous Secretary

Non-negotiable integrity

Accord Capital Management is an independent boutique investment firm by design. Our independence allows us to pick best-of-breed investments for your portfolio. Being free from any proprietary product obligations allows us to build your portfolio utilizing our best methodologies to match your financial goals and objectives.

Accord Capital Management’s independence is structured to promote/enhance your trust in us.

Our objective is simple: To Help You Find The Right Balance For Your Conscious Portfolio. 

A demonstrated commitment to client service, transparency, and “Your Conscious Portfolio”.

Guiding Principles

• Practice being thought leaders and thought listeners
• Apply perspective, vision, and sustainability so that each plan can go beyond financial returns to results that matter most to our clients
• Trust our experience in managing adversity
• Apply a holistic approach to risk management

Our Values

Intentional Relationships
We lead and serve with confidence and trust in the power of authentic relationships. We forge longlasting bonds with clients by listening first and then engaging in courageous and respectful dialogue that leads to meaningful outcomes.

Values Based Learning and Decision Making
We believe in lifelong learning and the power that comes from shared learning based on common values. Shared learning with a values based lens makes for a future with promise that is far greater than any one person can achieve alone. We’re committed to learning with curiosity, care, and openness and engaging the collective wisdom of all stakeholders.

Multigenerational Vision
We are stewards of the assets of our clients and their respective communities. We’re committed to the sustainment of each, helping to fortify financial legacies for individuals, families, and foundations.

Meaningful Results
We offer best-in-class wealth management services that apply conscious investing methodologies that create meaningful results as each client defines them. With our comprehensive stewardship and mindful approach, our clients can enjoy a profound sense of security and peace-of-mind that their investments align with what matters most to them.