Wealth Management

Our capital management offering is designed for clients who desire:

  • An outstanding service experience based on a deep-trust relationship
  • A tailored roadmap for your personal wealth management goals
  • A clearly defined conscious portfolio investment process
  • A balanced and liquid portfolio designed to achieve your wealth objectives

The result is a cohesive investment plan at the core, a relationship of mutual trust and discipline, and an ability to help meet client-defined financial needs over time.

We use a top-down investment strategy to identify global macro trends that are both meaningful and investible looking forward 12-18 months. We believe a prudent mix of capital preservation and growth is appropriate for our clients. We build models comprised of Exchange Traded Funds, Closed-end funds, Individual Bonds and Equities we determine to be of value.  These investment vehicles provide liquidity, transparency, and diversity.

Which of our conscious investment services are you looking for? Your Conscious Portfolio Creation? Fixed Income? Short- or Long-Term Capital Management?


We provide proactive guidance for the various services that help you reach your goals.

Rely on our experience to help you uncover a mindful approach to your complex planning needs and the providers who will help. We advocate for our clients seeking to meet complex and changing needs in the following areas:

Trust Services • Banking Services • Legacy Planning • Legal Services • Family Office Services • Tax / Accounting Services 

Portfolio Analysis

Every portfolio has an impact. Our portfolio analysis service uses big data to provide a clear picture of the CSR impact of your portfolio.

Make a conscious impact by understanding what you own and what are the alternatives. Want a custom portfolio CSR impact analysis report? Contact us!

What’s In Your Portfolio?

Local Square

Accord Capital Management is working to activate a peer-to-peer network of clients who find value in discreetly learning from one another. We call this Local Square, and will host events throughout the year.

Local Square events will educate and inspire, and is a fun way to meet others in our community who are building their Conscious Portfolios, or want to learn more. Ask us about events and speaking engagements or sign-up for Local Square updates.

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